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When you're exploring the Napa Valley, don't miss the charming town of Angwin, situated between the renowned St. Helena and Calistoga. Resting below the summit of Howell Mountain, Angwin is often hailed as "The Gateway to Howell Mountain," renowned for its legendary wine-growing reputation. Perched at nearly 1800 feet elevation, this idyllic town boasts a singular crossroad, a quaint shopping center, and the esteemed Pacific Union College campus. Visitors are drawn to Angwin for its deep-rooted passion for viticulture, its intimate connection with nature, and the breathtaking vistas that grace the Napa Valley landscape.

Named in honor of Edwin Angwin, who operated a resort on the town's current site in 1874, Angwin bears a historical legacy dating back to its Cornish namesake, meaning "the white." It's a haven for Seventh-day Adventists, with Pacific Union College relocating to Angwin from Healdsburg in 1909.

Ascending the hills of Angwin, on Howell Mountain's western flank, you'll discover the awe-inspiring Linda Falls Trail within Las Posadas State Forest. Here, Conn Creek's waters cascade over outcrops, forming mesmerizing pools below. 

Further afield, Bale Grist Mill State Historic Park offers a glimpse into California's rural heritage. Erected in 1846, the mill played a pivotal role in the Napa Valley's early development, serving settlers seeking to grind their grain into meal or flour. It stands today as one of the few operational mills of its kind in the United States, hosting tours, milling demonstrations, and educational programs to commemorate the region's rich history. Accessible to all, the mill invites visitors to immerse themselves in the bygone era of California's agrarian past.

Embark on the History Trail from the mill, a moderate 2.4-mile round trip path that links to Bothe Napa Valley State Park, offering year-round camping, hiking, and seasonal swimming. Along the way, explore points of interest such as Pioneer Cemetery, resting place of early Napa Valley pioneers, and White Church, the valley's inaugural place of worship named after its founding minister, Asa White. Traverse dense forests, chaparral-filled clearings, and the riparian beauty of Mill Creek, an expedition sure to delight nature enthusiasts, birdwatchers, as well as history aficionados.