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Forestville embodies its unofficial motto, "The Good Life." This sentiment is proudly displayed on license plate holders available at the local hardware store, reflecting the community's contented spirit.

Traversing the town is Front Street, a quaint thoroughfare stretching for approximately three blocks from Covey Road to Mirabel Road, now part of Highway 116. These historic downtown blocks, developed during the late 19th century, have witnessed the passage of time, with many older structures succumbing to fire and giving way to buildings predominantly from the early 20th century. The town comprises of essential amenities such as a gas station, bar, hardware store, grocery store, pharmacy, a few churches, and restaurants.

Alongside its thriving local scene, Forestville offers serene retreats along the Russian River and to the east, where charming bed and breakfast inns and esteemed wineries invite visitors to indulge in the region's natural beauty and renowned wine culture.