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Kenwood, California

Kenwood, California

Bang in between the cities of Santa Rosa and Sonoma lies the rustic town of Kenwood. An integral part of the Valley of the Moon, which is the Russian River valley, Kenwood is surrounded by the Bennett Mountains to the west and the Sugarloaf Ridge to the northeast. This town too, like the other communities in the county, is considered a part of the wine country. Thus, Kenwood is popular for its wineries and vineyards, delicious restaurants and European styled resorts. There are also great parks here in Kenwood, such as the Kenwood Plaza Park, the Annadel State Park, Hood Mountain Regional Park and the Sugarloaf Ridge State park. It is certainly a pretty place to spend a day or two to de-stress the mind from the hustles of a sophisticated life!

Kenwood Events

Upcoming Events

Climate and Community Course
Sugarloaf Ridge State Park
2605 Adobe Canyon Road Kenwood, California 95452
May 6, 2023
10:00 am
June 17, 2023
02:00 pm

In this 7-week course, we will give you the tools, knowledge, motivation, and community, to overcome climate paralysis and take climate action. Over seven meetings, community members lead by Dr. Dan Levitis will organize prompt discussions, project initiatives, and policy advocacy from strong climate data to propel actions for climate resiliency.

Current Events

Avian Series at Sugarloaf
Sugarloaf Ridge State Park
2605 Adobe Canyon Rd - Kenwood
November 13, 2022
08:30 am
April 8, 2023
11:30 am

Join Sugarloaf docent Dana Glei in a 2-mile hike (250 ft elevation change) focusing on a specific family of birds and learning how to identify them by sight, sound, flight pattern, and/or behavior. The series will culminate in April 8th, 2023, with a hike on New World Sparrows.