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Fort Ross In The News in Russian and English Language Media

Ambassador Tefft’s Opening Remarks, Day 2
5/30/2017, U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Russia

Ambassador Tefft’s Welcome Remarks
5/29/2017, U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Russia

Russia-U.S. forum ‘Fort Ross Dialogue’ to be held in Russia for first time
5/29/2017, Russia Beyond the Headlines

At Fort Ross, Sonoma County’s first married couples crossed paths
02/13/2016, The Press Democrat

Fort Ross Harvest Festival celebrates native and Russian Culture
10/1/2015, SF Gate

Fort Ross Festival 2015 in the news
07/25/2015, Russia Beyond the Headlines

Fort Ross Conservancy’s Marine Ecology Program
06/22/2015, The Press Democrat

Fort Ross Dialogue brings Russians, Americans, and Russian Americans together
10/25/2014, PR Underground

California’s Fort Ross May Be Russian Teritory, Lawmaker Says
09/28/2014, The Moscow Times

The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming
09/19/2014, Up The Road non-profit media

Fort Ross international literary contest
07/14/2014, Russia Beyond The Headlines

Discovering a shared history
06/15/2014, Russia Beyond The Headlines

Su Nu Nu Shinal Dancers Scheduled to Perform Across Russia
06/06/2014, Russia Beyond The Headlines

Fort Ross — The Russian Stronghold in America
04/11/2014, The Roads Less Traveled

Exploring the Russian America that almost was
02/25/2014, Russia Beyond The Headlines

Moscow on the Pacific

“Adopt-A-Bench” Initiative in the Fort Ross State Historic Park
12/13/2013, Russia Beyond The Headlines

Fort Ross Harvest Festival
10/26/2013, Half Moon Bay Review

Russians, Americans celebrate shared history in California
08/01/2013, Russia Direct

Siberian links to California could be unearthed by archeological dig
07/31/2013, The Siberian Times

International Space Station Message to US-Russian Fort Ross Dialogue
07/30/2013, YouTube

International Space Station Sends Message to US-Russian Fort Ross Dialogue
07/27/2013, Globe news Wire

Building Bridges to the Past and Future – TBI at Fort Ross
05/09/2013, Tahoe-Baikal Institute

02/14/2013, The Russian Orthodox Church portal

Kashaya / Fort Ross Russia Delegation Trip
01/11/2013, Gualala Arts

Russian Billionaire Vekselberg’s Non-Oil Endeavor: Raising Funds For A California State Park
10/19/2012, Forbes

American-Russian Roundtable “Fort Ross as a Living History”
08/03/2012, Russian Cultural Center in Washington, DC

Fort Ross marks 200 years
07/29/2012, The Press Democrat

Fort Ross endures with help from private partners
07/16/2012, The North Bay Business Journal

When Russia Colonized California: 200 Years of Fort Ross
07/05 2012, Smithsonian

Fort Ross marks 200th Anniversary
04/10/2012, The Voice Of Russia

Russia renews historic ties to Pomos of Fort Ross
01/29/2012, San Francisco Gate

Russian Dreams of an American Colony
03/2012, Humanities, The National Endowment Magazine for the Humanities

200 years of history bring Russians, Indians to Fort Ross
1/21/2012, Press Democrat

Fort Ross to Mark Bicentennial
12/26/2011, Press Democrat

Russians Come to the Rescue of Sonoma’s Fort Ross Park
10/21/11, New York Times

Dispute Keeps Russian Sailing Ship out of SF
10/22/2011, San Francisco Chronicle

Kodiak to be featured in upcoming Russian Television Series
10/10/2011, Juneau Press

Romance, Hardship, and Tall Tales in Russian California
10/1/2011, Press Democrat

Fort Ross official says historic Russian site in California to remain open
10/1/2011, Ria Novosti
Russian billionaire Pledges Money for Fort Ross
10/25/2010, Press Democrat

Fort Ross: Russia’s outpost on California’s coast
07/12/2010, The Telegraph

Autry Center Exhibit Showcases Native American Basketry
11/19/2009, Voice of America

Russians urge government to save Fort Ross
8/28/2009, San Francisco Chronicle

Фестиваль в Форте Росс
08/08/2015, Russian Life
Festival at Fort Ross

СВОИМИ ГЛАЗАМИ: Русская крепость в Америке
Guest: Sarah Sweedler, host: Olga Bychkova
12/24/2014, Echo of Moscow radio station
With your own eyes: A Russian fortress in America. An interview with FRC’s CEO Sarah Sweedler.

202 года назад было основано первое поселение русских в Калифорнии – Форт Росс
09/11/2014, Tatar Inform
First Russian settlement in California founded 202 years ago.

В Кунсткамере приняли делегацию индейского племени кашайя
Kunstkamera received the delegation of Indian Kashia tribe (came to see artifacts of the ancestors.)

Индейцы кашая объяснят российским этнографам назначение предметов коллекции Кунсткамеры
07/05/2014, TASS news agency
Kashia Indians will explain the meaning of Kunstkamera collection objects to the Russian ethnographers.

“Юнона” и “Авось”: хеппи-энд знаменитой трагедии
Juno and Avos: A happy-end of the famous tragedy. Earth from the grave of Konchita, the bride of commander Rezanov, scattered over his memorial in Krasnoyarsk.

В Красноярске у памятника командору Резанову потомки индейского
племени Кашайя развеяли землю, привезённую с могилы его возлюбленной
07/03/2014, NIA-Krasnoyarsk By commander Rezanov’s memorial in Krasnoyarsk descendants of Indian Kashia tribe scattered the earth brought from his beloved’s grave.

Форт-Росс: русский флаг над Калифорнией
12/20/2013, Ria Novosti
Fort Ross: a Russian flag over California. (a visual on FR history).

Вологодскую делегацию пригласили в американский Форт Росс
07/30/2013, Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Delegation from Vologda region invited to American Fort Ross. Official visit to celebrate 201 years of ex-Russian fortress Fort Ross, founded by I. Kuskov, born in the region (Fort Ross Dialogue).

Калифорнийский парк Форт-Росс на два дня превратился в русский уголок в США
07/29/2013, TASS news agency
For two days, Californian park Fort Ross turned into a Russian corner in the USA. Annual intercultural festival “Fort Ross 2013” finished at Fort Ross historic park in California on Monday.

Торжества в честь 200-летия Форта-Росс начинаются в Калифорнии
10/18/2012, Ria Novosti
Celebrations in honor of 200 years of Fort Ross start in California

Индейцы увидели свои реликвии в Санкт-Петербурге
09/12/2012, Voice of America
American Indians saw their relics in Saint Petersburg. The Northern Capital of Russia was visited by a delegation which included the Indians whose ancestors neighbored the Russian settlers in California.

“Мои дорогие русские…”
09/01/2012, Rossiyskaya Gazeta
“My dear Russians…” – an article by dr. Mikhail Shvydkoi on his impressions from FR’s bicentennial celebration.

Форт Росс – 200 лет спустя
07/30/2012, Voice of America
Fort Ross – 200 years later. Fort Ross is holding events devoted to the founding of this Russian fortress that used to be Russia’s outpost in California in early XIX century.

История крепости Форт‑Росс в Калифорнии
07/28/2012, Ria Novosti
The history of Fort Ross fortress in California. On July 28-19, 2012 in California there will be celebrations devoted to the 200 years of Fort Ross, in the past a Russian settlement in California.

Путешествие по Америке в поисках России
Traveling America in search for Russia. A Russian documentary about Fort Ross on Channel 2 (Rossiya)