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Ongoing Events:
Fort Ross Conservancy Board Meetings: December 13th 2014, February 14th 2015, April 11th 2015, June 13th 2015, August 8th 2015, October 10th 2015, December 12th 2015. Most board meetings take place at Fort Ross State Historic Park but we occasionally meet in Santa Rosa. If you plan on attending please contact us ahead of time to verify the location of the meeting.
Fort Ross Windmill Maintenance
Marine Mammal Monitoring

2015 Events

First Day Hike

First Day Hike - Thursday, January 1st, 10:30 am

Step into the New Year hiking on our glorious Sonoma coast!  This year’s First Day Hike will be from Fisk Mill to Stump Beach, round-trip, in Salt Point State Park.  Meet at the far northern trailhead at Fisk Mill.  This moderate four mile, four hour hike, led by Fort Ross Conservancy's John Sperry & Tom Wright, features Sentinel Rock, bishop pine forests, ocean bluff vistas and the white sandy Stump Beach, our lunch stop.  (Possible one-way hike option to Stump Beach then carpool return.)  Bring hiking boots (be prepared for some moisture), binoculars, layered clothing and sack lunch. The hike is recommended for ages 10 and above and is cancelled if moderate or heavy rain.  Park entrance fees apply. Sorry, no dogs allowed. 

Pysanki Eggs

Pysanki Egg Decorating Workshop - February 21st

Learn the ancient artform of Pysanky Egg Decorating with renowned artist Lenka Glassner. Come for a hands on lecture on ancient folk art of Eastern European egg decorating, brought to you by Fort Ross Conservancy. Decorating hollowed chicken, duck or goose eggs is one of the few ancient still surviving art forms of Eastern Europe. Styles, colors and techniques of decorating vary depending on the region.

Plant workshop

Medicinal Plants of Sonoma County Workshop - March 1st, 10am - 4pm

Join us March 1, as we explore the trails of Fort Ross State Historic Park (located 11 miles north of Jenner) with Tellur Fenner, clinical herbalist/educator, owner of Blue Wind Botanical Medicine Clinic and Education Center, while we learn about the many amazing and useful plants which grow here. During this workshop we will explore many of the more common (and lesser known) native/naturalized plants found growing throughout the region, with a focus on historical as well as modern use. Special event fee will apply.


Wildflower Photography - May 3rd, 9am - 4pm

Do your portraits of wildflowers depict the beauty and depth of feeling you experienced while clicking the shutter? Learn easy methods to capture the desired results. Join Reny Parker,
author of Wildflowers of Northern California’s Wine Country & North Coast Ranges, for a day long workshop. Check out her webpage at: Special event fee will apply.

Alaska Native Day

Alaska Native Day - May 16th

FRC's Alaska Native Day -- See photos from the May 2014 skinboat iqyax race and learn more about this fantastic partnership between Fort Ross and the diaspora Alaska Native community.


Seaweed Workshop - June 6th

8:30 am Field work, 12pm Illustrated Presentation at Fort Ross Visitor Center auditorium. We live in abundance, including a rich variety of seaweeds! Seaweeds can be used as food, medicine and fertilizer. Nori, wakame, bladderwrack and kombu are just a few of the local seaweeds that we'll learn about. The informative illustrated presentation includes how to identify, sustainably harvest and use our coastal "sea vegetables" and will also discuss pollutants, the health of our coastlines, harvest cycles and the health benefits of seaweed. Later in the afternoon, with expert guidance, we'll go on a foray and practice our identification skills and more. Heidi Herrmann is a farmer and owner of Strong Arm Farm in Healdsburg. Special event fee will apply.

Cannon Firing

Fort Ross Festival - July 25th

Come celebrate the international flavors and cultures at Fort Ross Festival 2014. This year's event will highlight the Kashaya, Russian, Alaska Native, and California ranch era people who have called Fort Ross home over the centuries. We've got some great photos from our 2013 celebration. Special event fee will apply.

Fort Ross Festival

Harvest Festival - October 17th

Harvest is the time to enjoy autumn's fresh air with friends and family, acknowledging all that the seasons provide us. Harvest Festival starts out with a morning of gentle apple picking in the historic orchard, the celebration then moves to the historic Fort Ross compound where we'll enjoy the old-world charm of the 19th century Russian settlement. Enjoy a four-course luncheon served on a marine terrace overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Photos from Harvest Festival 2013. Special event fee will apply.

Fort Ross Windmill

SPOOM Windmill Visit - November 6th

Society for the Preservation of Old Mills  members will  have a tour of the park, have a discussion on the Fort Ross Windmill. 


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