Fort Ross
Tours at Fort Ross

Tours at Fort Ross

Currently we can only regularly staff an interpreter at Fort Ross on the weekends. However, you can schedule a private tour by emailing us at ahead of your visit (details below), or join one of our group tours on certain days. (See for schedule.)

  • Public Group Tour: Tours start at the Visitor Center. $10/person. Children 10 and under are free. Always good to email us ahead of time at to verify availability and timing.
  • You can get an overview of Fort Ross history via the 18-minute introductory video which runs in the Visitor Center. 
  • All tours are outdoors and follow county safety guidelines.
  • In spring and summer we have a knowledgeable guide onsite at Fort Ross on most weekends. All other days need to be scheduled ahead.
  • You can call ahead to schedule a private tour.
  • We offer private tours of Salt Point as well!

To check availability, email us at (or call 707-847-3437 during business hours).

There are several options to experience and learn about the rich and diverse natural and cultural history of Fort Ross and Salt Point:

  • Private Tour: Book a customizable tour to suit your schedule. Explore the natural and cultural history both inside and outside the fort compound walls under the guidance of a knowledgeable tour guide. Tell us what you’re most interested to see at Fort Ross or at Salt Point and we will customize your tour. Find inspiration here! Tours start at the Visitor Center.
    • $20 per person per hour ($40 minimum). Children 10 & under, free.
    • A $25 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve private tours. Please call (707) 847-3437 to make a deposit. 
  • Public Group Tour: Tours start at the Visitor Center. $10/person. Children 10 and under are free. Always good to email us ahead of time at to verify availability and timing.
  • Educational Opportunities: For school and service groups — students, Girl and Boy Scouts, multiple homeschooling groups, etc. These can include a tour / activities, a service project, and even an overnight stay in the compound! Availability depends on the season – please connect with us via email or phone.

Dogs: Dogs are permitted (on leash) anywhere you can drive a car (roads, parking lots), inside the limits of any structures (Visitor Center, Fort compound and buildings), picnic areas, and campgrounds. They are not permitted on trails, beaches, beyond the limits of roads, parking areas, campgrounds or picnic areas.

For questions and to book your visit, email us at or call 707/847-3437. Thank you!

We are a small hard-working nonprofit; please cancel at least 48 hours before your tour or pay a $100 cancellation fee. Contact us with your questions at 707/847-3437 or Thank you!

Please note: Fort Ross Conservancy prides itself in paying its employees a living wage. To avoid the risk of unequal and/or discriminatory tipping, Fort Ross Conservancy’s employees are not permitted to accept gratuities from visitors. Please consider making a donation to our organization instead.

We highly recommend enjoying a meal outside during your visit to Fort Ross or Salt Point. Feel free to bring a picnic lunch. Picnic tables are located near the parking lot, in the fort, in the Call Picnic Area (with ocean view) or in the orchard.

Fort Ross Conservancy Tours

Tour Customer Reviews

“We were really impressed with Fort Ross, all of us, particularly how you provide such a wide-ranging explanation of the history. I’d been apprehensive that it would be very pro-Russian in a sort of kitschy romantic view, but you give the many layers of the history, with attention to the Native Americans and the Native Alaskans, plus the Russian experience.”

“It was very dear to meet you today. Thank you for the lovely suggestions in the hospitable and welcoming spirit. Both Denis and I had a lovely and unforgettable experience. We appreciate the way you support the Russian culture. Thank you for all you do.”

“This is a very belated thank you for the wonderful day I spent with you at Fort Ross. I know that I cannot put into words what a memorable experience this was for me.”

Viator Review

“History and Adventure Combined! Our tour guide, Hank, was very knowledgeable regarding the local history. The park is very well maintained with friendly and knowledgeable staff. The opportunities to explore on your own were abundant and beautiful. ”

Some of our many very positive Trip Advisor reviews: “What a surprising place!… This is SO worth the drive up Highway1! The history is so interesting and the historical interpreter we had… is a total gem — fluent in Russian as well as English and a brilliant and fascinating lecturer for all ages. I have been to comparable historic sites and Ft. Ross easily beats them for the quality of the reconstruction and the context of the historical explanations. Our kids and ourselves were riveted. What a surprising place! Look for Hank!”