Fort Ross
Fort Ross Cannons

Fort Ross Cannons


Historical accounts of the numbers and distribution of the Fort Ross cannons varied over the years. The 1822 the diary of Fr. Mariano Payeras mentions: “…two bastions, one in the northern corner with five guns on two floors, and another on the south with seven guns… Also within the presidio they have four mobile cannons with their gun carriages.” In 1836 Sir Edward Belcher states: “These towers, armed with three guns each… In the center of the yard or square, in front of the governor’s staircase, a brass nine-pounder gun commands the gateway…” In 1837 William A. Slacum: “…four 6 lb brass howitzers fronting the principal gate…” And in 1841 John A. Sutter: “From the Russians I have got only one fine brass field piece (mounted with caisson)…

This piece has been cast in St. Petersburg, 1804.” The three cannons now in front of the Kuskov House and chapel are contemporary reproductions; two are capable of firing. They are 5 ½ inch howitzers mounted on field carriages.