Contact Us

Fort Ross Conservancy staff is on site and working seven days a week.

Our office hours are from 10am – 5pm, seven days a week.

Or email us at the addresses below. (On our website we write our emails strangely with the hope that we get less spam from the crawling robots; the [at] is an @ and the [dot] is a . — but you knew that.)

Sarah Sweedler
sarahs [at] fortross [dot] org

Jan Phelps
janp [at] fortross [dot] org

Hank Birnbaum
Programs Manager
hankb [at] fortross [dot] org

Sarjan Holt
Operations Manager
sarjanh [at] fortross [dot] org

Sondra Hunter
Director of Programs, Special Events Manager and Bookshop Buyer
songh [at] fortross [dot] org

Melissa McCarthy
Volunteer Coordinator
melissam [at] fortross [dot] org

Lake Perry
Administrative Assistant
lakep [at] fortross [dot] org

If you would like to communicate with California State Parks Russian River district office, please contact:
California State Parks at 707-865-3124