2019 Events at Fort Ross

California State Parks supports equal access. Prior to arrival, visitors with disabilities who need assistance should contact (707) 847-3437.
We also have one beach wheelchair available to use on the premises.
Ongoing Events:

Fort Ross Conservancy Directors Meetings Schedule

Upcoming Marine Mammal Monitoring Events:
Harbor Seal Surveys: Assist us with our citizen scientist effort monitoring the harbor seals that haul out along our coast. After meeting at the FRSHP Visitor Center, our surveys begin roadside at Highway One Mile Marker 33.52, just north of the park entrance. These almost two mile low-tide shoreline surveys end at Fort Ross Cove and take about two hours’ time. Contact Song Hunter at songh@fortross.org for survey dates.
Steller Sea Lion Surveys: Contact Charon Vilnai at charonv@fortross.org for survey dates.

Call House tours – Volunteers maintain the historic garden and give guided house museum tours on the first weekend of each month from 1 to 4pm. Many of the furnishings belonged to the Call family.
Windmill Turning – First Saturday of each month at 12 Noon.

Click here to see the listing of past events


Sunday, June 23: Park Champions at Salt Point

Join us on June 23rd for a Park Champions work day in the Kruse Rhododendron State Reserve! Volunteers will help park staff with trail brushing and trimming. Free camping at Woodside Campground included for Saturday and Sunday nights. Check out the Park Champions website for more information and scroll down to the calendar to sign up by clicking on Salt Point on June 23rd.



Snapshot Cal CoastSaturday, June 8Snapshot Cal Coast

9 AM – 1 PM


Dust off your rubber boots. Dig out your Chacos or Tevas. Grab a tide table and a friend. Get your cameras and smartphones ready!

Join Fort Ross Conservancy as we come together for the statewide movement lead by The California Academy of Sciences to get out to the coast, search for as many creatures as we can find, and share the photos of our discoveries on the website and app, iNaturalist.


Contact Song Hunter for more info at songh@fortross.org.  


Saturday, July 27: Fort Ross Festival

Tickets are on sale at Eventbrite!

Looking for the perfect way to celebrate Summer in Sonoma County? Join us on July 27th for Fort Ross Festival! Where else can you witness Kashia Pomo ceremonial dancing, listen to folk, gypsy and bluegrass music, learn from Alaska Native craftspeople, and take in traditional Russian performances, all together on the most beautiful stretch of the Sonoma coast? Grab a pint from our Beer Garden and enjoy an amazing day celebrating different cultures. In addition, with fantastic support from California State Parks, we are bringing back the cannon and militia to this year’s celebration!

We will be holding our second Borscht Cook-Off! If you have a recipe you’d like to share, bring a pot of borscht and see how your borscht compares to others in the competition and win some prizes! Borscht cook off_2019


Su Nu Nu ShinalSaturday, August 3: Metini Day

SuNuNu Shinal Pomo Dance Group is hosting the third annual Metini Day at Fort Ross. This event is open to all, so come on out and help celebrate this special place. Details to follow.






Saturday, October 5: Harvest Festival

Harvest is the time to enjoy autumn’s fresh air with friends and family, acknowledging all that the seasons provide us.

  • Apple and pear picking in the historic orchard.
  • Russian group Kedry and their families in traditional costume singing and performing seasonal games.
  • Juicing the apples. Store bought apple juice will be served.
  • Kids games, seasonal food samples.


Saturday, December 14: COMMUNITY POTLUCK

12 – 3 pm

Fort Ross Auditorium
We invite our friends, members, and local community to join us on December 8th at 12pm for our annual holiday party. FRC will bring a few hearty main dishes to share. Please bring a side, salad, or dessert for the table.
Questions? Email Sarjan Holt at sarjanh@fortross.org or call 707/847-3437.


Tuesday, January 1, 2019 10:30 am – 2:00 pm, Salt Point State Park

Fisk Mill – Stump Beach – Salt Point First Day Hike

Start off the New Year on the right foot: good exercise, good company and the pristine beauty of our Sonoma coast!  This approximately three-and-a-half mile, three-hour easy-to-moderate hike will take us through arguably the most scenic section of Salt Point State Park. Meet at 10:30am at the Gerstle Cove/Salt Point parking lot and carpool to trailhead at Sentinel Rock/Fisk Mill. For more information Email hankb@fortross.orgor call (707) 847-3437.

Saturday, January 19th: Kolyadki

Winter Village Celebration with Kedry families. Villagers start Winter Celebration with “visitations” to different buildings inside the fort singing “Carole” songs. Some of the songs are very old and some are funny; most of them have words of gratitude and blessings. The “hosts” give the visitors treats. Traditionally it ends with the feast and then more community singing and dancing if weather permits. This is a free event but state parks day use fees apply.



Friday, March 8:Viola Adunca Treasure Hunt Returns!

First Training:  11:00 AM

Join us for for the return of our botanical treasure hunt! We are looking for volunteers to explore the beautiful coastal bluffs of Fort Ross and Salt Point State Parks in search of the tiny flower known as the Western Dog Violet (Viola adunca) and to upload your findings using the “Calflora” app on your smartphone.

The flower is the host plant for the endangered Silverspot butterflies found along our coast. Butterflies are an important part of our ecosystem and, similar to the declining California monarch populations we’ve all been reading about, the Silverspot butterflies have been listed as endangered since 1997. Because of the data we’ve collected in previous surveys, California State Parks (CSP) and Fort Ross Conservancy were awarded a Coastal Prairie Restoration Grant of $100,000 to restore our grasslands and save our butterfly friends! We owe our dedicated volunteers for being a huge part of that success! This year’s surveys will further Fort Ross Conservancy and State Park’s conservation efforts to improving our coastal prairie habitat. By participating in this flower survey you will have the opportunity to sign up for the butterfly surveys this summer and be out in the fields working with our CSP environmental scientists.

If you are interested in participating, email Melissa Bushner melissab@fortross.org.

All volunteer hours will contribute to the State Parks Volunteer In Parks program which awards volunteers with park passes depending on the number of hours served. Volunteers who complete 24 hours of service in a calendar year will receive a district-wide parks pass for the following year. A state-wide pass will be rewarded for 200 hours of service.

Saturday, March 9:Marine Mammal Monitoring at Fort Ross – Harbor Seal Surveys

Annual Training: 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Come join us for an onsite field training that will introduce you to our Harbor Seal surveys. Surveys take about two hours and are conducted by walking two miles of beautiful low-tide shoreline and monitoring our pinniped friends. There are twelve Saturday surveys scheduled from March through July of 2019 (surveys can be completed any day, Thursday through Monday, around the Saturday target dates). Survey data is sent to the National Park Service’s SF Bay Area Network Inventory & Monitoring Program.  By contributing to the long-term monitoring of harbor seals, this data will aid in protecting seal colonies and assessing the health of the marine ecosystem! Free training offered by Fort Ross Conservancy. Please contact Melissa Bushner to confirm attendance (or arrange for alternative training time) at melissab@fortross.org or call (707) 847-3437.

All volunteer hours will contribute to the State Parks Volunteer In Parks program which awards volunteers with park passes depending on the number of hours served.

Saturday, April 6: Spring Celebration

Join our Kedry volunteers for the festive “Verbnoye Voskresenie” (Pussy Willow, not Palm Sunday), a family friendly holiday featuring traditional Russian/Slavic ritual and song and fuzzy catkins, welcoming Spring! Symbolic willow walk around the village and lyrical singing while doing crafts.






Saturday, May 18: Alaska Native Day

  • Featuring the Anchorage Unangax Dancers from the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. 
  • Ekatherina Savvinova (Saina) of Sakha Republic, will be performing her songs and sharing the Siberian Native history at the Fort.
  • Haida Artist Rachel Langford will be leading a metal etching project and we will have metal works for display and sale.
  • 6th Annual John Sperry memorial Qayaq Race – contact Lauren Peters at sjsulauren@gmail.com to sign up!


Here is the link to the schedule!