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FRD 2021 Panel 3

FRD 2021 Panel 3

Rediscovering California’s Cattle Hide Economy’s Ties to the Russian American Company 

Illustration from the 1840 book The early commercial history of pre-statehood California is linked to the Russian American Company and its complex mode of trade interactions between different stakeholders that at one point centered around Metini-Fort Ross. Even after the sale of all movable property at Fort Ross and its surroundings, and the official departure of Russians from California in 1841, the Russian American Company’s business did not come to a full stop in California, as Dr. Jonathan Tiemann has discovered while engaging in developing a series of historical case studies for the Global History of Capitalism project of the Oxford Centre for Global History, run by Dr. Christopher McKenna, University Reader in Business History and Strategy at the Saïd Business School and a Fellow and Tutor in Management at Brasenose College, University of Oxford. Dr. Tiemann and Dr. McKenna will join Fort Ross Conservancy’s Igor Polishchukto discuss the cattle hide economy in California and the University of Oxford’s project which dives into the history of globalization and the role of early multinational cooperation. 



Igor Polishchuk, Director of External Relations, Fort Ross Conservancy


Dr. Christopher McKenna, University Reader in Business History and Strategy, Saïd Business School and Fellow and Tutor in Management at Brasenose College, University of Oxford

Dr. Jonathan Tiemann, Founder and President of Tiemann Investment Advisors


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