Fort Ross history is rich with stories, some more accessible than others. One such buried story is the shipwreck of the SS Pomona. On March 17, 1908, while on its usual run between San Francisco and Fort Ross, the Pomona struck rocks just south of Fort Ross and ran aground on the north end of Fort Ross Cove, where its remnants remain to this day. FRC staff was fortunate to meet John Harreld (Sonoma County diver, California State Parks Diver and Archaeology volunteer, scientific diver volunteer for UC Davis Bodega Marine Lab, and co-founder of Sonoma Coast Historic and Undersea Nautical Research Society (SCHUNRS)), who shared footage of hisĀ June 2019 dive of the Pomona. The Fort Ross Visitor Center displays numerous artifacts from the Pomona in its Visitor Center. The SS Pomona is posted to the National Register of Historic Places.


SS Pomona