Fort Ross
Fort Ross Festival 2020

Fort Ross Festival 2020

Fort Ross Festival 2020 is Canceled. We are disappointed to announce that this year’s Fort Ross Festival, scheduled for July 25th, 2020, has been canceled. For the safety of our community, events and large gatherings are not allowed.

Enjoy this slide show from last year.

FR_Festival_2019_0138FR_Festival_2019_0146FR_Festival_2019_0152FR_Festival_2019_0154FR_Festival_2019_0160FR_Festival_2019_0166FR_Festival_2019_0169FR_Festival_2019_0175FR_Festival_2019_0178FR_Festival_2019_0179FR_Festival_2019_0181FR_Festival_2019_0182FR_Festival_2019_0183Foggy morning viewing the buildings of Fort RossYouth making rope at the 2019 Fort Ross FestivalFog and blue skies over canvas tents, morning of FRF 2019Young man dressed as militia during Fort Ross FestivalRussian orthodox service at Fort Ross Festival Russian orthodox service at Fort Ross Festival Young girl running in traditional Russian attireyoung girls rolling beeswax candles at Fort RossVolunteer craftspeople at Fort Ross Festival 2019Hand crafted journals being sold at Fort Ross Festival Collection of handmade arrowheads at Fort Ross FestivalSpinning wool at Fort Ross FestivalCraft booths leading to the Russian Orthodox Chapel at Fort Ross FestivalHandmade soap at Fort Ross Festival 2019Handmade brooms at Fort Ross Festival Young man playing with a traditional Russian toyword fighting at Fort Ross Festival 2019Storyteller in traditional Russian attire FR_Festival_2019_0184FR_Festival_2019_0188FR_Festival_2019_0200FR_Festival_2019_0202FR_Festival_2019_0203FR_Festival_2019_0204FR_Festival_2019_0208FR_Festival_2019_0209FR_Festival_2019_0210FR_Festival_2019_0211FR_Festival_2019_0212FR_Festival_2019_0213FR_Festival_2019_0235FR_Festival_2019_0236FR_Festival_2019_0242FR_Festival_2019_0247FR_Festival_2019_0253FR_Festival_2019_0257FR_Festival_2019_0262FR_Festival_2019_0264FR_Festival_2019_0266FR_Festival_2019_0268FR_Festival_2019_0275FR_Festival_2019_0295FR_Festival_2019_0300FR_Festival_2019_0310FR_Festival_2019_0311FR_Festival_2019_0315FR_Festival_2019_0317FR_Festival_2019_0321FR_Festival_2019_0325FR_Festival_2019_0327-e1565815599392Happy Hank Birnbaum in traditional attire, Fort Ross Festival 2019Kashia Pomo artwork by Eric Wilder at Fort Ross FestivalTwo young men playing chess in the fog in the Fort Ross CompoundYoung men playing with traditional Russian toysThree girls in traditional russian attire in front of Russian Orthodox ChapelCraft demonstration from volunteer at Fort Ross FestivalYoung man in traditional attire carding woolYoung man playing with a traditional Russian toy