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Fort Ross Dialogue 2020 - Common Cause

Fort Ross Dialogue 2020 - Common Cause

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Common Cause-American and Russian Cooperation During WWII

Seventy five years ago Moscow and Washington joined an alliance to defeat Nazi Germany and to liberate European nations from an ideology that justified the slaughter of millions of civilians. That exemplary fellowship personified the best in humanity and showed a degree of cooperation between two political rivals that remains unmatched ever since. Realizing the international significance of Allied sense of duty to defeat Axis powers, Fort Ross Conservancy and the Soloviev Foundation produced a short feature film, entitled ‘A Common Cause: American and Russian Cooperation During World War II."

The film, which premiered at Fort Ross Dialogue 2020, was made possible by generous support of the Soloviev Foundation, whose first project focused on highlighting the essence of the spirit of US-Russian cooperation. Fort Ross Conservancy is honored to have a new partner who shares our vision of facilitating multinational cultural exchange.

"Through this impactful video, we commemorate the victorious alliance between our two nations, recognizing the contributions and heroism displayed by veterans from both countries, who helped change the trajectory of the war and consequently the world," Stefan Soloviev, the founder of the foundation, noted.

"I established the Soloviev American-Russian Cultural Foundation to help remind Americans of all ages about the rich and often unseen connections we have with Russia. Through high level forums like the Ft. Ross Dialogue, the Soloviev Foundation honors and amplifies our common past and shared experiences, while working towards a more constructive and mutually beneficial future," Mr. Soloviev added.


A Common Cause from The Soloviev Foundation on Vimeo.